Water Treatment

BWT improves the quality of your water

Water plays an essential role in our lives throughout the day and night. BWT water technology ensures perfect water quality anywhere in your home, from the basement to the attic, from the kitchen to the bathroom and from the heating system to the pool. The treated water provides real protection for installations, heating systems and household appliances against limescale and other undesirable substances. But BWT products not only ensure a high level of hygiene and protection, but also offer an incomparable sense of well being through noticeably softer, more velvety skin, glossy hair and bathing pleasure with silky-soft pool water. BWT also enhances the quality of your drinking water – Magnesium Mineralized Water is a mouth-watering taste experience, whether you’re merely quenching your thirst with plain H2O, or making a cup of tea and coffee.

Private Homes:

Depending on where you live, your water may contain a greater or
lesser concentration of undesirable substances, e.g. excessive levels of
calcium and heavy metals such as lead, copper and chlorine, which
impair the taste and smell of the water. BWT is dedicated to improving
the quality of our precious consumable, water, for which it has
developed a specific filtration method.

Hotels & Hospitality:

Food and hospitality industry professionals and connoisseurs know that perfect water is crucial to the taste of coffee and tea. Even when assessing the culinary potential of a bread roll, beef fillet or carrot, nothing turns out quite right without perfect water. Vegetables prepared in a combi steamer remain al dente and rich in vitamins; bread emerges crusty and fragrant from the oven and gourmets will relish roasted meats with a crisp finish. Soft water also ensures immaculate crockery, sparkling glassware and dazzling silverware. Excellent prospects for restaurants and hotels!
BWT provides custom solutions for the specific requirements of the hotels & hospitality sector.

Swimming Pools & Spas:

Hygienically-treated water is essential for public swimming pools and spas. Every BWT system automatically complies with the strict regulations and standards required by legislation, provisions and guidelines. For decades, famous wellness hotels and countless spas have put their faith in BWT’s expertise.
But BWT is not limited to just design processes for water treatment. We also develop and implement major swimming pool and spa projects, from bespoke planning through to professional service and support after the system goes live.

Buildings & Industry:

Water treatment requirements differ widely in all segments of commerce
and industry, all areas of the health sector and in public sector and
building technology applications.
We have developed in-depth
knowledge of these requirements from many years of experience and can
apply our sophisticated technologies and products to the needs of all
sectors. Our experts will help you design your project, from water
analysis and planning to construction, commissioning and maintenance,
thereby ensuring many years of reliable, cost-effective operation.

Pharma & Biotech:

Water is the most intensively used raw material in the pharma & biotech industry. Consumers are often unaware that purified water/WFI is required for most processes if the products are to comply with the most stringent international standards. BWT’s systems turn drinking water into  BWT Purified Water or BWT Water for Injection (WFI) in the quality and volume required.
Over 50 years’ experience, tailor-made solutions and our comprehensive service make BWT the perfect partner for purified media systems.